Establishing a blueprint for success: 

Please don’t underestimate the power of what I’m about to share with you. If I had access to this technique when I first started building my property portfolio, I’m confident I would be dramatically more wealthy today.

Over the years I’ve learned that with the help of your support team (Broker, Accountant, etc.), you can establish a ‘blueprint’ that clearly outlines a predictable path to wealth, without compromising your safety or your lifestyle. 

B1 22 May 2020.png 2 - Blueprint for Success

Like all great plans, your Blueprint must include three key ingredients:

1: Starting point – Where are you now?

It’s important to understand your current situation clearly. Clarity around your strengths and weaknesses, particularly in regards to your ability to gain finance, is a crucial part of this process. Your Blueprint will uncover what’s held you back in the past, ensuring you can ‘remove any handbrakes’ and start your journey towards wealth.

2: Desired destination – Where would you like to be in the future?

It’s not uncommon to find that your long term goal from property investing, is, in fact, a combination of a number of goals grouped together. Perhaps they include owning a debt-free family home, the ability to access large amounts of ‘tax-free’ cash whenever you want, and a strong weekly cash flow that easily covers all lifestyle costs?  

3: Strategy to get there – How do you plan to get to this dream destination?

A great blueprint will combine a number of strategies, each carefully selected to match your individual goals. For example, high yielding properties may allow you to pay off your family home ten years earlier, saving you tens of thousands in interest repayments. These same properties could then continue to supply you with strong cash flow in retirement. Other properties purchased using your super funds could help you to increase your super balance dramatically, plus supply you with properties you can sell in the future – tax-free! 


Dare to dream!

I encourage investors to dream big. I’ve found that most investors totally underestimate how much wealth they can build over a 15 to 20 year period. Some people even disregard starting a property portfolio because they think they have left it too late, failing to consider that your wealth can continue to climb even after you retire.

Regardless of your age, the same rules apply. Your aim should be to link arms with a great team that can help you develop a customised investment blueprint. This Blueprint should allow you to target your goals using a number of proven strategies, offering you safety and performance, without stealing away your lifestyle today.

‘Stepping stones’ will pave the way. 

Whilst your Blueprint should focus on matching the best property investment strategies to help you reach your long term goals. I encourage you to see this timeline as a series of stepping stones.  

B1 22 May 2020.png 3 - Blueprint for Success

I’ve found that an initial focus on your first five years provides the most empowering snapshot of what’s possible. This will motivate you to take action, without overwhelming you with the feeling you need to complete everything at once.

Five years often provides enough time to overcome issues that might have held you back from securing finance in the past. It can also give you plenty of time to understand and strategically implement a property investment strategy using your super funds. It could even provide you with enough time to exercise a short term strategy that erases all personal debt, or restructures your current cash flow draining investment choices, creating a new positive cashflow investor experience.

This stepping stone approach will help you take control of your wealth without ever feeling overwhelmed. Instead, you will see your path forward as a series of simple steps that becomes surprisingly easy to implement, particularly when you surround yourself with the right people.