I believe that fear is healthy.  A lot of people try to dismiss fear or tend to think you are crazy if you’ve got some fear around property investing.

Pretending to have no fear is dangerous.  I think fear is something that provides a reasonable way to assess the situation and be able to balance everything up.

I love property, and I’m optimistic about the property market, but I believe that I am also a realist and a realist needs to be able to weigh up the potential risks in every situation.

I don’t think it’s healthy to dismiss fear.   If fear has been holding you back from making a decision but then you get the ingredients right, you can end up building a healthy portfolio and being a very successful property investor.


Never Be Reckless.

It is rarely a good result when people fearlessly run into the property market head-on.  Typically, these investors get all revved up and hit the ‘Go’ button and they could potentially be racing straight towards a cliff.   Having and recognising that fear in a healthy way will help you to slow down and understand that some research is required first.


Breaking Investing Into Steps.

I have found that if people are overcome with fear, and it’s holding them back from purchasing their first or next property, the more they understand every little step in the buying process and have the opportunity to break it down into bite-sized chunks, the more the fear disappears.

Following those incremental steps to understand how you can protect yourself, minimise the risk and control the deal will help wash away the fear and you will end up with a much better investment strategy.


Knowledge Removes Fear.

Having a well-designed plan, together with being able to access reliable research, strategies and proven results provides a bit of an unfair advantage for investors who follow the system I have created over the years.

Everything about our system has allowed us to create a model that firstly addresses the fear and then confidently remove it through calculated mechanisms to increase protective measures.

Fear at the start is a good thing.  And the more you address it, define it, break it down and gain the required knowledge for a great strategy, the more that fear will disappear.