Do you love the idea of building wealth through property but just don’t know where to start?

Perhaps you’ve purchased an investment property in the past but have been left feeling disappointed with your investment experience. Most Australians see investing in property as a fundamental step towards securing a strong financial future. However, most people unfortunately don’t possess the knowledge required to select a safe and reliable property investment. With well over 100,000 properties listed for sale every day, many Australian property investors repeatedly make common mistakes that can so easily be avoided.

We’ve all worked way too hard to make costly mistakes through purchasing poorly planned investment properties, but who can we turn to for help?

Buyers Agents are often very knowledgeable about one or two local suburbs, but very few have suitable levels of knowledge outside of this small footprint. Real Estate Agents typically work for the Vendor, and once again, their knowledge is limited to a handful of suburbs. Most property investment services are typically motivated by sales commissions paid by a property developer sitting behind the marketing facade.

Imagine if there was a service genuinely designed to serve and protect property investors. 

Picture how much time it would save if you could draw on decades of experience from some of Australia’s most successful property investors, who have eliminated hundreds of postcodes and tens of thousands of poor-performing properties nationally, helping you fast track your search for the optimal investment property.  

Yes, you will now be able to narrow your search to just focus on locations that have been ‘approved’ and the ideal property profiles within these markets that have also become ‘approved’. Very few properties will qualify; in fact, it is expected that as few as one property in every one thousand properties listed for sale, will be declared ‘Invest Approved‘.


Is your property ‘Invest Approved’?

Invest Approved is a unique ‘turn-key’ property investment service ‘built by property investors, for property investors’.  Yes, I know others have made claims like this before, but this genuine service is an industry first that promises to be an absolute game-changer for time-poor or inexperienced Investors.  Helping busy Investors make confident investment choices.

How do I know, and why am I so confident and excited about this service?

As you may be aware, I’ve been a passionate, highly active property investor for more than 30 years.  Over the past 12 years, I’ve been working closely with a closed group of 1,000 Investors.  Over this time, we developed a range of proven checklists and property strategies, empowering the ‘buyer’ and transferring many of the costs and the risks to the ‘seller’.  Testing and tweaking our buying model through thousands of successful property transactions nationally.

During this time, we witnessed property investors outside of our group continue to make the same mistakes, time and time again!

Someone had to step up and protect property investors.  I couldn’t stand by any longer and watch hard-working Australian families continue to purchase investment properties that were always destined to make their lives much harder, not better. 


‘Invest Approved’ was Born!

Around 18 months ago, I reached out to the people I respected most throughout the Real Estate Industry.  We soon developed the ultimate ‘wish list’ that would change the way investors researched and purchased properties nationally. 

Breaking the dangerous ‘buy and hope’ property investment mould once and for all, and setting new expectations in every step of the buying process.

“This system is an absolute game-changer for Investors.  There’s nothing like it in the Real Estate Industry.” – Graeme Hyde, LJ Hooker – Network Chief

Invest Approved will share insights into many of the proven checklists designed to screen the national markets to identify the optimal locations and properties.  There is also a range of new investment tools and property strategies that underpin this new national service. 

Best of all you can access this entire service totally free of charge! 

Go ahead and click on any of the links on this page, and if anything grabs your interest and you would like more information, we’ve made it easy to request contact from your Invest Approved Certified Agent.