Property investors around the nation are now very aware that the Coronavirus and the impact it’s having on our national economy is now starting to affect our national property market as well.

Of course, we’re very fortunate that in the first quarter of this year we saw strong growth in many parts of the national market with most of the capital cities recording month on month growth.

Each of the areas that I’m investigating, and there are several really strong growth areas around Australia, were all under-supplied with strong uplifts in buyer demand.  These characteristics were demonstrating that this was going to be a very strong year for property in many markets.  But of course, we couldn’t be sheltered from this global crisis, and now it feels like the property market is firmly on hold.  It’s like we’ve hit the pause button.  Real estate agents are trading in very unfamiliar ways and real estate investment advice is needed.  Listings are being pulled back off the market.  Millions of Australians have lost their jobs. There’s a whole range of things that, in one way or another, certainly will impact the Australian property market.

Do I think it’s going to crash?  No, I don’t.  Do we know what the impact will be?  Very few people are brave enough to make that judgement call.  Many of the analysts that I follow still believe we could see growth this year.  That’s becoming harder for me to understand.  But I do know these times are very uncertain.


Investor Toolbox

As property investors, we need to protect ourselves.  I get emails each week from Investors with a range of questions about how to protect themselves and navigate this very uncertain time.  This inspired me to put together the Investor Toolbox.  This is a toolbox specifically designed for investors and will serve as a valuable one-stop-shop resource for fellow investors around the country.  I believe that knowledge is power.  When you arm yourself with the latest information, it gives you a much better capacity to make quality decisions.  There is so much happening on a daily basis that this toolbox will be updated regularly.  We aim to uncover the stories behind the headlines, helping fellow Investors make confident investment decisions.

Now, this storm will pass. And I want to give you the opportunity to springboard back at the end of it.  There are a lot of investors that have been asking me questions about where do I think we’ll have the most significant negative effects, and where do I think we’ll springboard back the quickest, what will rebound the fastest.  There is also a link in the toolbox, which will give you access to my latest national property market update. It is a market update through the eyes of an investor.

I’m a property investor; I don’t sell real estate, I’m not a developer.  I buy properties.  I love to invest.  I love to invest at a national level, and I’ve got my finger on the pulse of most national markets.  I’ve got a very strong relationship with one of the biggest chains of real estate agents across the nation, giving me access to what’s going on, on the ground throughout the national property market.

Please go ahead and access the toolbox.  I hope that we’re all going to come out at the end of this stronger and more powerful. Our best approach is if we link arms together, share information, and contribute towards a positive mindset in a very challenging time.

Of course, we need to flatten this curve; we need to protect our families; we need to protect our current assets.  There is a range of things we need to do on a personal level, but I also feel like wherever we can, we should be giving back.  And I think for me, my 30 plus years of property investment experience is something I can share and something I can give back to a community of fellow property investors around Australia who are going through some very uncertain times.

Click here to access the Investor Toolbox, and I hope you get some great value out of it.  Remember, it will be updated regularly.