Where to buy?

IT’S the million-dollar question that puts investors in the hot seat: What location will offer you the safest and best performing investment property?

With 10 million properties currently available or under construction in eight states and territories of Australia and across 550 local government areas, investors could easily be overwhelmed by the staggering amount of choice, avalanche of information and confusing options. And how many Investors even have the time to give this massive process the attention it deserves?

The vast majority of Investors fail to get serious traction in their quest to build wealth, never building their portfolio beyond one or two investment properties. This is often due to the disappointing performance that comes hand in hand with poorly selected investment properties. Most investors never realise how significant the difference would have been if they just followed a proven screening process for selecting great locations, and then continued to screen these locations to identify the best performing Investment opportunities.


Something had to change.

We could see that Investors needed help. Countless time-poor investors were left sitting on the sidelines watching great opportunities pass them by, or even worse, throwing caution to the wind and choosing to jump into the market poorly prepared. Those that did ‘buy and hope’ were often exposed to the same common investment mistakes that tended to always end in tears and regret.

Invest Approved founder, Phil Anderson knew that someone had to step up and protect fellow investors. Together with his community of 1,000 independent property investors, Phil and his team utilised their experience gained through thousands of property transactions nationally to outline the optimal screening tools for identifying the safest and best performing investment properties. Now he is passionately sharing this knowledge with fellow investors totally free of charge, and very proudly with ‘no strings attached’


How to select the right location. 

In this first of a three-part video series, Phil gives an overview of the key elements required when choosing the right investment location.

You can access this information, along with how Invest approved narrows down each location to find the safest and best performing investment properties below: