Don’t suffer from buyers regret

For many property investors, making the right decisions when choosing their next property investment can be overwhelming.  How do you choose the right location, with the right property at the right time to maximise capital gains and income?  This dilemma can create indecision that ultimately means opportunities are missed.

WHY become a property investor if only to over-extend yourself or indeed worry about risk and lose the lifestyle you’ve worked so hard for?


IT’S a jungle out there for property investors

They can be tangled up in questions of where to buy, what to buy and for how much.

They can swing from one market to the next without really knowing what will land them quality investments.

And make no mistake, investors may come across their fair share of monkey business and expensive pitfalls as they try to navigate their way through the undergrowth of property types, information, and choices.


A Clear Path to Success

This is where Investor Approved offers a clear path to finding clients the right properties in dependable, quality markets at affordable prices that won’t harm their lifestyle.

Team members track what is happening in major projects and infrastructure around Australia.  They find the best cities and major regional growth hubs for property investment and hunt prime properties within those markets based on proven strategies with specific criteria rather than emotion or gut feeling.

They do the lion’s share of research – right down to the type of property in demand in the local areas, ensuring the right inclusions and even floor plans to attract the best tenants.

They map out the best strategy to negotiate contracts at the right price and shoot down any possibility of surprises along the way.

They are able to guide investors away from the danger of large, ongoing out-of-pocket expenses.

Invest Approved provides the property survival kit to help maximise returns, growth, and depreciation benefits.


We do the work so you can make the right decisions  

The experienced Invest Approved team do their homework.  They screen hundreds of investment locations saving you time. They know which high-risk markets to avoid and take the guesswork out of the decision making for you, identify the next “hotspot”.

The Invest Approved team tracks and reports on major projects on the drawing board and in construction.   They use a wide range of other criteria to select the best cities and major regional growth hubs worthy of clients’ investment dollars.

The key to the Invest Approved formula is:

  • Identifying Major Growth Hubs (both cities and regions)
  • Investigating Major, Present and Future Infrastructure Investments
  • Strong, Diversified, Employment Growth Opportunities
  • Population Growth both short and medium-term
  • Identify Rental Demand
  • Sustainable Economic Growth

But that’s not all. The Invest Approved team of researches then assess prime properties within those markets to ensure you find the right one, based on practical strategies rather than emotion.

Investor Approved focuses on the right answers to produce strong investment results for clients today and well into the future. It’s a winning formula.

In his latest three-part video series, Phil Anderson, founder of Invest Approved gives an overview of the key elements required to build wealth through property investing.

You can access this information, along with how Invest approved narrows down each location to find the safest and best-performing investment properties below: