Please don’t underestimate what’s required to navigate Australia’s property investment jungle safely and effectively.

You can quickly get tangled up in questions of where to buy, what to buy, and how much you should pay.

You could find yourself swinging from one market to the next without really knowing what location will offer the best performing investment opportunity.

And make no mistake, even the most experienced investors will come across their fair share of monkey business and expensive pitfalls as they try to navigate their way through the undergrowth of property types, information and choices.

That’s where Investor Approved offers you a clear path to finding the right properties in dependable, quality markets at affordable prices that won’t harm their lifestyle.

Our research team carefully monitors a range of market drivers to pinpoint the best performing postcodes at that time in the market for property investment. Then turn their attention to hunting down the prime properties within those markets based on extensive checklists and proven strategies rather than emotion or gut feeling.

They do the lion’s share of the research, right down to identifying the exact floor-plans and inclusions required to ensure every Invest Approved property is in high demand by the most ideal local tenants.

Tens of thousands of hours experience spent navigating the national property jungle has allowed them to map out what is required to keep investors safe. Ensuring Investors pay the right price every time and shooting down any possibility of surprises along the way. Guiding you away from the danger of large, ongoing out-of-pocket expenses, and leading you safely towards the fruits of the forest that unfortunately elude most Investors.


It’s also important to enjoy the journey

Investing for your future is important, but Invest Approved believes it shouldn’t come at the cost of your lifestyle today.

What’s the point of taking on the challenge of navigating the property jungle, only to overextend yourself, or expose yourself to unnecessary risk and find yourself losing the lifestyle you’ve worked so hard for?

Affordability is the key. It guarantees a lifestyle you’ll enjoy while allowing you to build a portfolio of properties in quality markets that won’t put pressure on the hip pocket.

Informed Investors are fast realising that there are plenty of choices available, and big out-of-pocket expenses aren’t simply not needed.

But time and again, less-informed investors continue to pour hundreds of dollars of after-tax income into holding costs each week.

The Investor Approved team has a proven track record in finding quality investment properties that are often cash flow positive from day one, covering all outgoing expenses – rates, insurance, property management fees, everything!


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