What to buy? 

SURPRISES are great at Christmas and birthday celebrations – but not so good if you’re a property investor signing a contract on your latest acquisition.

Knowing where to buy is only the first step in the investment process and a great location doesn’t guarantee success.

Nasty surprises can be lurking everywhere for the unwary Investor who hasn’t done their research.


Break free of the dangerous ‘buy & hope’ habit. 

If you’re planning to invest in a quality market for the medium to longer term, careful consideration must be given to the type of property to invest in – one that will display strong, ongoing demand and attract great tenants.

Selecting the optimal property is often hampered by most investors who use personal preferences to select the property.

The rules applied to selecting a family home are very different to the optimal rules for selecting a great investment property.

Investors who are attracted to properties for personal reasons often find themselves trapped in a ‘buy & hope’ cycle. This buying style has proven to be far less productive than a well planned purchase that optimises the a new set of rules to identify the safest and highest performing investment properties within that postcode.


Why make costly mistakes when you can learn from someone else’s!

Invest Approved gives fellow Investors the opportunity to avoid the most common mistakes when selecting an investment property.

We could see that Investors needed help. Countless time-poor investors were throwing caution to the wind, choosing to jump into the property market poorly prepared. This habit exposes thousands of Investors each year to the same common investment mistakes that frequently result in tears and regret.

Invest Approved founder, Phil Anderson knew that someone had to step up and protect fellow investors. Together with his community of 1,000 independent property investors, Phil and his team utilised their experience gained through thousands of property transactions nationally to outline the optimal screening tools for identifying the safest and best performing investment properties, then further screening these locations to identify the optimal investment properties to target.

Now he is passionately sharing this knowledge with fellow investors totally free of charge, and very proudly with ‘no strings attached’


VIDEO: How to select the optimal investment property. 

In this three-part video series, Phil gives an overview of the key elements required when choosing the best investment property to purchase.

You can access this information, along with how Invest approved identifies the best investment locations, via the link below: