Confidently build wealth through property, post COVID-19

COVID-19 has changed our national property markets forever.

Unfortunately, many property investments will not survive the 'pressure test' of COVID-19.

Poor investment strategies will be exposed, and the way we look at property investing will never be the same again.

In this FREE 5 Step Guide, founder of Invest Approved, Phil Anderson shares how you can build wealth through property, safely and effectively post COVID-19.

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Never 'Buy & Hope' again!

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Knowledge is power.

Learn how to:

  • Target ideal locations post COVID-19,
  • Identify high performance properties,
  • Pay the right price every time,
  • Easily avoid the most common mistakes,
  • Protect your pocket and your lifestyle

           … and much, MUCH more!

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Complete the form and you will get instant access to the FREE 5 Step Guide E-Book.


Here's how easy it is to get your FREE copy.

Complete the form and you will get instant access to the FREE 5 Step Guide E-Book.


From a 'cashflow drain' to 'cashflow positive'!

Before we met Phil, we’d tried property investing pretty unsuccessfully! We were less than impressed when after buying two properties through a property sales group, we were experiencing no growth and a large negative cashflow which was putting a real drain on our pockets. After purchasing our first property using Phil’s system in 2009, it was a complete contrast to our earlier experiences. This was a turning point - we stopped buying the wrong properties and started buying the right properties. Using Phil’s model, we have added 9 great properties and what was once putting a real hole in our pockets, is now doing the exact opposite. Instead of it costing us, our portfolio is now cashflow positive, putting money in the bank for us every week!