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Invest Approved Agent Certification

This 12 part certification process, will unlock a whole new sales pipeline and income stream that has most likely been untapped until now, through introducing the Invest Approved model.

“I’ve witnessed Phil’s passion and success as a property investor first hand since the 90’s. I know Investors will benefit so much from his dedication to perfecting this property investment formula. I’m excited to offer this new service to LJ Hooker Agents and clients, and have full confidence in the integrity behind it.”    Graeme Hyde - LJ Hooker - Network Chief


Module 1 - Filling The Funnel (9:01)

Before moving on to Module 2, please provide valuable information to help us help you maximise your sales.  It takes less than 2 minutes to complete.  Thank you.

Module 2 - Property Strategies (8:09)

Module 3 - Sales Enquiry (6:47)

Module 4 - Buyer Ready (10:00)

Module 5 - Paid Expression of Interest -EOI (5:56)

Module 7 - Sales Support (5:47)

Module 8 - Agent Payment (3:03)

Module 10 - Post Settlement (6:43)


Thanks for completing the Agent Certification Modules.

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