Begin With The End in Mind

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Begin With The End In Mind:  Whether you're looking to get into the property market or perhaps you're already in the property market, to begin with the end in mind is a very, very important step. There are certainly some tips here that I think you'll find very helpful and you don't want to

House Prices Will Fall 32 percent

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WARNING: House prices will fall 32%  Warnings of a possible housing market collapse have been slammed by industry professionals. Our media are once again using the most negative property market comments they can find to fuel headlines as they fight for attention.  Worst-case scenarios are obviously considered to be the ideal 'bait'

How Are Investors Reacting To A Crisis?

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How do Investors typically react to a crisis:  Someone once told me that you never know what a person is made of until you put them under pressure.  In times of crisis, many areas of our lives are challenged, and each of us will react in a way that feels appropriate. I've

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