Property performance leaves pessimists gobsmacked!

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Even our Property Optimists have underestimated the resilience of Australia's property market in the face of the COVID-19 crisis.  Initial forecasts of up to 30% falls in house values were defended by pro-property analysts but after corrections of around 10%-15% were considered almost inevitable. Since entering this pandemic period Australia's property market has only

Latest Stats:  Regional Markets Outperform Capital Cities

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Australia’s leading real estate analysis portal CoreLogic have released the housing market figures for August 2020, and one of the key findings of note, is that regional markets have continued to outperform their capital city counterparts across the largest states.   CoreLogic’s head of research Tim Lawless says there are a variety of

The Trend Creating New Investor Hotspots

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Many things will change post-COVID-19, including the way Investors see the best investment locations.   A migration trend is now firmly underway in Australia as the COVID-19 pandemic enables people to work from home and seek cheaper properties away from bustling central business districts. Businesses around the world have been forced to rethink conventional

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