Australia to Fuel Foreign Investment

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Safe Australia will fuel foreign investment:  Let’s discuss the elephant in most property investment rooms; ‘Foreign Investment’. My search for the best performing property investment markets over the past 30 years has not been limited to one state or even one country. I’ve explored the potential of investing in many countries around

House Prices Will Fall 32 percent

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WARNING: House prices will fall 32%  Warnings of a possible housing market collapse have been slammed by industry professionals. Our media are once again using the most negative property market comments they can find to fuel headlines as they fight for attention.  Worst-case scenarios are obviously considered to be the ideal 'bait'

Property Market Strength Defies Negative Forecasts

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Property market strength defies negative forecasts:   Australia's property market strength has dramatically defied the COVID-19 downturn. After a strong start to the year, with all capital cities seeing solid capital growth throughout the first quarter, our housing market has defied negative forecasts by displaying further growth in April.  The data from

How to Escape The Rate Race

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Escape The Rat Race  Today, I want to talk about a common roadblock that tends to hold most investors back from the success that they really do deserve. This is a common barrier for most investors. But there are easy ways that you can break through these roadblocks to get you on

Top 5 Roadblocks Experienced By Investors

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What are your roadblocks to building wealth:  Does the stress of paying your household bills leave you wishing you were living a more comfortable life? Most hard-working Australians don't realise how easy it can be to build wealth.  Often there are just one or two roadblocks that are holding you back. Here's

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