Discover why Invest Approved Dual Income Properties are creating a frenzy amongst Investors. 

Invest Approved has worked closely with one of Australia’s biggest and most trusted Builders, to coordinate the optimal Dual Income Property design.

One Clever Property, Two Rental Incomes

These clever designs feature an open plan 4 bedroom family home, plus a popular 2 bedroom home under one roof.

Each property features separate entrances, insulated dividing walls, and separate rear yards, making these properties highly attractive to tenants.

Positive Cashflow + Emerging Hotspots

Now Investors can achieve double (in some cases triple) the rental yield they can often achieve in their local market.

Every location is also carefully screened and approved, giving Investors access to well researched, emerging property hotspots.

See What's Now Possible

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See What's Now Possible

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Every pack includes location and property details, property valuation, research checklists, Investor safety guarantees, rent appraisal and more!


From a 'cashflow drain' to 'cashflow positive'!

Before we met Phil, we’d tried property investing pretty unsuccessfully! We were less than impressed when after buying two properties through a property sales group, we were experiencing no growth and a large negative cashflow which was putting a real drain on our pockets. After purchasing our first property using Phil’s system in 2009, it was a complete contrast to our earlier experiences. This was a turning point - we stopped buying the wrong properties and started buying the right properties. Using Phil’s model, we have added 9 great properties and what was once putting a real hole in our pockets, is now doing the exact opposite. Instead of it costing us, our portfolio is now cashflow positive, putting money in the bank for us every week!