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Learn how you can tap into a big chunk of the developers profits, without taking on the Developers risk or turning your world upside down, when you purchase your next House & Land package.

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This rare and incredibly powerful strategy is largely unknown by property investors but for those taking advantage, the momentum it can create will shave years off the time taken to reach your wealth goals.

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Share in Developers Profits - Without the Risk! 

Thinking about taking on a small development?  Please think again!  Why take on the risk or the extra workload when you can tap into a big chunk of the Developers profits by utilising this one simple strategy.

Further improving Aust's No1 Investment Strategy. 

The cornerstone to this ‘game changing’ strategy is the Dual Income property model, a strategy that has emerged as the most desired property investment strategy in Australia today. Now you can take this great strategy and make it even more powerful.

From a 'cashflow drain' to 'cashflow positive'!

Before we met Phil, we’d tried property investing pretty unsuccessfully! We were less than impressed when after buying two properties through a property sales group, we were experiencing no growth and a large negative cashflow which was putting a real drain on our pockets. After purchasing our first property using Phil’s system in 2009, it was a complete contrast to our earlier experiences. This was a turning point - we stopped buying the wrong properties and started buying the right properties. Using Phil’s model, we have added 9 great properties and what was once putting a real hole in our pockets, is now doing the exact opposite. Instead of it costing us, our portfolio is now cashflow positive, putting money in the bank for us every week!