Property Manager Information

“A Great Property Manager Is Key to Success
in Real Estate”

Robert Kiyosaki

At Invest Approved we see a Property Manager as not only having a highly valued key role after the sale of an investment property, but more importantly as having a significant part in helping determine if a property is in the right location and has the right qualities and inclusions to meet demand and expectations  before it is even offered to a potential buyer.

The Invest Approved system is like no other. It’s built to empower the ‘buyer’ not the ‘seller’. It’s designed to help time poor investors navigate the national property market safely and effectively and you as a Property Manager play an important part in this process.


An Invest Approved Certified Property Manager will provide the following information on the Invest Approved property portal before a property is able to be offered to a potential buyer.

Preferred Location

Highlight the benefits of certain areas and estates including areas with a higher percentage of owner occupiers and close proximity to important local amenities, employment hubs and services. This helps us confirm the best sectors of each community.

Property Description

Evidence of property types that attract the most demand from highly desirable tenants. Property Managers to be as specific and include comprehensive details clearly describing the most sort after property types and floor plans.

Property Inclusions

To ensure a property is leased quickly, attracts both a highly desirable tenant and the maximum rent, provide information of the most sought after property inclusions and outline suggestions (air-conditioning, security screens, etc.) as a list of expectations that we can negotiate with the builder (if construction is required) that we can seek to have included within the construction package.

Rental Income

Evidence of the anticipated rental income a property type would generate. If multiple property types have been identified as being in demand within this market, focus is to achieve a minimum of a 4.5% rental yield for the investor.

Term of Lease Agreement

Identify the most sought-after term of lease for tenants in the location? E.g. 6mths/12 mths/2 yrs.

Specific Upfront Rental Appraisal

Conduct specific upfront rent appraisals and upload to the portal to ensure certain property types, price points and locations meet Invest Approved expectations before being offered to a potential buyer.


Provide a summary together with your rental appraisal for each Invest Approved property through the Invest Approved portal.

Example: “We are excited to see this property being offered within the Invest Approved model. Our team see this as a property we offer with the highest level of recommendation as a suitable investment property within the {enter location} market. We believe it to be a property commanded by quality tenants and offer landlords a strong and reliable rental return. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions. Our team are very happy to certify this property, Invest Approved.”


As an Invest Approved Certified Property Manager, you will have the skills and resources to deliver an exceptional level of after sales support to clients who purchase an Invest Approved property. Below are some of the expected services you would provide.

Offer to Invest Approved Clients

  • Competitive property management fees.
  • Priority service – respond to communication within a 24 hour period.
  • Clear marketing strategy that attracts quality tenants.
  • Tenant approved and ready occupy property within 2 weeks of settlement/handover.
  • Provision of ongoing rental appraisals and area updates.
  • Rent review and lease renewal discussion 90 days prior to the end of every lease.
  • All information and references provided by tenancy applicants will be verified within one (1) working day of receipt.
  • 12 week inspection and written report, with a minimum of 6 monthly (or in accordance with state legislation) using time stamped photos with geolocation.
  • Record and provide full report to owner and tenant with state legislation.
  • 24/7 online access to property information.
    • Rental income statements.
    • Outgoings/ payments as per authorisations.
    • Notifications of lease renewals.
    • Inspection results/photos.
    • Warranty maintenance.
    • Maintenance reminders.

Offer to Tenant

  • Clean, well presented and maintained property that attracts quality tenant looking for long term lease.
  • Be personally present at all inspections/open house.
  • Reportable, systemised process to screen applications for credit checks, rental history, employment and other applicable references.
  • 24/7 access – cloud-base, maintenance management system.
  • Hard copy and online access to installed Appliances Manuals.
  • Welcome package including copy of lease agreement, relevant contact names and details, hard copies of manuals, garbage collection days/times, other relevant matters relating to local amenities etc.
  • Clear policy regarding rent arrears and process to mitigate risk of arrears.
  • Conduct property inspections in accordance with lease provisions and with respect to tenant’s availability.
  • Maintenance Response and Reporting Systems.
  • Easily accessed system for recording and reporting all maintenance issues, geolocation and time stamped photographic evidence of maintenance issues and property inspections. Maintenance tracking system.
  • Warranty maintenance – 24hr hotline integration for builder/developer to track.

Strive to be the best you can be

  1. Be PROUD to be an Invest Approved certified Property Manager.
  2. Take PERSONAL PRIDE in everything you do.
  3. Treat clients, customers & colleagues with UNCONDITIONAL RESPECT.
  4. Remain POSITIVE and ENTHUSIASTIC in everything you undertake.
  5. Do what is BEST for your clients and customers, not what is best for you.
  6. Never compromise your ETHICS or INTEGRITY or that of the Invest Approved System.
  7. Never take for granted or neglect your FAMILY or FRIENDS for the sake of business.
  8. ENJOY life, your family, your friends and your work and we make time to have FUN.
  9. “Make Dreams Happen”.